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Fujitsu Reveals New Feminine “Floral Kiss” Ultrabook Line

Fujitsu has recently announced the development of the new FMV LIFEBOOK CH55/J, also known as the "Floral Kiss" ultrabook line. It is an ultrabook that was conceptualized for female tech consumers.

Starting this fall 2012, Japanese electronics consumers will now be able to feel the feminine side of ultrabooks with Fujitsu's new line of "Floral Kiss" FMV LIFEBOOK CH55/J ultrabooks. Apparently visually designed with the delicate lady in mind, it is said to have external and internal design features that makes it more suited for the female user. It would come in three different colors: Elegant White, Luxury Brown and Feminine Pink.

While the main feature of the ultrabook seems to be its special color schemes, the "feminine" side of the unit actually refers to the entirety of the ultrabook's external components.  For example, the power button is designed to look like a pearl, while the caps lock status LED indicator is made to look like a diamond piece. The letters in the keyboard are even etched in deep gold color, contrasted against a pure white background. All in all it is visually enhanced to exude the look and feel of a quasi-fashion item, not too different from an elegant purse or a lovely handbag.

As for its base specs, the FMV Lifebook CH55/J is not really that different from the previously rolled out LIFEBOOK U772 and UH572. For its CPU, it is equipped with a Core i5-3317U processor (3MB Smart Cache, 1.7 Ghz dual-core, turbo to 2.6 Ghz), while the RAM is set at 4GB. The storage medium is a combination of an SSD and a standard 500GB 5400RPM HDD. The OS is a 64-bit Windows 8 (standard), which is installed with an additional Office Home and Business 2010 productivity suite. The unit's dimensions and weight are also more or less the same with the FMV LIFEBOOK UH75/J, at 322(length)x228.5(width)x17.5(thickness) and 1.45 kg.

Additionally, there's another version of the FMV Lifebook CH55/J ultrabook that will be released as a collaborative item with Agete, a well-known Japanese jewelry company. The limited edition model will sport a different "Precious Violet" color scheme, and will have a few of Agete's personal touch ups that would still let out the feminine elegance in the ultrabook.

Source: ITMedia (JP)

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