What can you make with 5,335,200 Lego pieces?  A lot of things actually, but one of these things can be a full-sized Star Wars X-Wing if you have the will and skills.  We’re not talking about a 1:10 or 1:5 scale models, but an actual 1:1 model that will require a hanger and every last pieces of Lego you own.

The humungous Lego X-Wing was built to commemorate the premiere of the Lego Star Wars-based animated series, The Yoda Chronicles, on Cartoon Network.  It took 32 Lego master builders 17,336 hours (~4 months) to put the Lego X-Wing together.  It stands 11ft tall, is 43ft in length with a 44ft wingspan, and weighs just shy of 46,000 pounds (45,980).

Although the Lego X-Wing was built in Kladno, Czech Republic, it was shipped (it would be amazing if it could fly, too) to New York where it is currently up for display in Time Square.  In the coming months, the X-Wing will make its way across the country, and will settle down in Legoland California Resort.


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