Google seems to have realized the fact that most consumers have no clue that their beloved handset is powered by an OS called Android.


Two of the hottest new Android flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8), will greet users with the message “Powered by Android”, with “Android” written in the classic font that was last seen on the HTC G1 in 2009, the first consumer Android handset.

While Android has dominated the smartphone market in the last few years, a majority of consumers are usually oblivious to the fact that Android is what powers these devices. With each manufacturer using a customized version of Android, Google’s own vision of the green robot has taken a backseat, and while Nexus phones and tablets are becoming popular by the day, most simply buy a device because it’s made by Samsung, or HTC, or many of the other manufacturers using the OS (Samsung’s Galaxy devices, in particular, have become popular to the point that it’s often a choice between a Galaxy and iPhone for many.)

It’s unclear if Google has mandated the use of the “Powered by Android” text for all future smartphones using the company’s open source OS – it’s possible that a clause has been added to the requirements companies must fulfill in order to ship devices with Google apps and services. But in any case, it’s a move that could prove fruitful for the search giant, and is yet another example of the steps it is taking to ensure that it doesn’t lose control of Android to the whims of manufacturers that have little regard for anything as long as they can sell some devices to the unwitting consumer.

Via: PhoneArena