A newly filed Apple patent reveals that the company’s future headphones might be able to adjust audio output by themselves, noise cancellation feature is also likely to be on board since both of these items are detailed in the patent.


The patent is titled “Electronic device and headset with speaker seal evaluation capabilities.” According to the details, the headphones are going to be like earbuds that can automatically adjust audio output based on the quality of the seal. Self-adjustments will be done through built in microphones that will be used for taking acoustic and current measurements.

Earbud headphones are essential to this feature as they create a seal between the user’s ear and the headphone. A poor seal between these two can greatly reduce audio quality, therefore when a poor seal is detected, the user’s device is likely to display warnings so that the user can adjust the placement of headphones. Balance, equalization and a number of other steps will be adjusted automatically.

The noise cancellation feature is definitely going to be appreciated by many. It comes in handy particularly on board an airplane, during flights many people find it hard to concentrate on the content they’re watching or listening to with the constant buzz of jet engines. The patent was filed in February 2013 and there’s no saying when the company will release headphones that come with both of these features.

Source: [AppleInsider]