Apple has been granted a new patent today. The patent describes that future mobile devices may come with three sensors that aid the camera in capturing pictures with far better color quality.


Earlier this month yet another Apple patent was discovered. That one detailed the use of one or more sensors to improve camera quality. This particular patent, named Image capture using luminance and chrominance sensors, deals specifically with the type of sensors that will be used in order to enable the camera to take pictures with better color quality.

It is first necessary to understand what luminance and chrominance actually is. The amount of light that is reflected from an object, its measure is known as luminance. Chrominance is the definition of the color of an object. There would be one luminance sensor and two chrominance sensors, using attributes from all three sensors, one single composite image would be reproduced that will have amazing color quality, unlike what today’s Apple mobile devices are capable of. Using three sensors would effectively provide a redundancy, if one sensor isn’t able to pick up an attribute at any given time, the other sensor would provide the attribute for it.

It remains to be seen when Apple starts implementing this technology in its future devices. Mobile photography is on the rise and manufacturers are working towards offering greater value to their customers. Apple wouldn’t obviously keep itself out of the fray.

Source: [CNET]