Removing the memory modules from the packaging, we were duly impressed by their appearance.

The modules have a black printed circuit board (PCB) with a matte finish and the memory chips are cooled by newly-designed anodized aluminium heat spreaders. The heat spreaders extend upwards for more heat dissipation area and better airflow.

The new look which we absolutely love has indeed come a long way from the original Ripjaws series.

Apart from looking good, the build quality of these modules is nothing short of excellent. The heat spreaders are well-aligned and both sides come together perfectly.

The PCB used is also thicker than the green run-of-the-mill ones. The added thickness is noticeable when inserting these modules into your DIMM slots, and they will sit snugly once locked in place.


We then took a quick peek from the side. No surprises here; all the memory chips are well in contact with the heat spreaders. Once in a while, we do come across poorly applied heat spreaders are not in contact with some memory chips, either the center portion or at both ends. The good news is, none of them come from G.Skill!


Enough of scrutinity and let us get down to some work!