Engineering samples on display at the show were clocked at 2133 MHz, but live demos won’t be available until Intel’s Haswell-E HEDT is made public.


Much to the chagrin of enthusiasts, the release of DDR4 and supporting platforms is still a long ways away as roadmaps from manufacturers show that the memory standard won’t be available until 2014.

Though this next-generation of DDR is still under development, G.Skill brought a handful of static samples to Intel’s Developers’ Forum to give people a taste of what is to come.


Ironically for overclocker-friendly G.Skill, the samples it brought to IDF were clocked (according to the sticker) at 2.13GHz — not exactly over-the-top fast.

Many other manufacturers also brought DDR4 samples to the show, and Samsung recently announced that it had begun mass production of DDR4 modules in preparation for its launch next year.