One of the benefits of the new Ivy Bridge based processors is the much touted IMC improvements over Sandy Bridge, allowing for memory overclocks north of 2600MHz+ if all conditions are right (RAM dexterity, motherboard electrical traces, power design, bios firmware…). G.Skill seized the opportunity and released their new Trident X series of XMP 1.3 compliant DDR3 memory modules, which have been a constant feature over the past few weeks in breaking world frequency and efficiency records. Today we review their 8GB (2 x 4GB) kit, which is rated 2666MHz @ 11-13-13-35 2T.

G.Skill is a Taiwanese brand that has become synonymous with providing highly overclockable and reasonably priced memory modules for the enthusiast community. Their new Trident X series includes 4GB and 8GB per stick densities, with XMP 1.3 support (for Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-E) and binned speed ratings between 2400MHz and 2800MHz, available in dual and quad channel configurations.

The kit we have today is a 2 x 4 GB dual channel offering, rated at 2666MHz and a very conservative 11-13-13-35 2T @ 1.65V. No word on the exact chipset that is used but we're guessing either Hynix CFR or Samsung 30nm, which are both known for their overclockability (Unconfirmed fact: Serial number xxxx0240xxxxxx = Hynix, If 0340 = Samsung). There is also a twin 60mm fan attachment in the package to cool the memory modules down.


One nifty feature is the ability to remove the screwed-on top fins of the black-red heatspreader, which is useful to avoid clearance issues with large heatsink towers (5.4cm becomes 3.9cm height).