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Galaxy GeForce 6600LE DDR3

The card is stripped bare of it’s cooling solutions totally. At
the core, there is 2 strips of foam. This foam prevents the core from
being chipped at the corners if the heatsink/fan is being titled.
It would be better if Galaxy would include rubber pads since this foam is rather flimsy.

This is how the core for the Galaxy 6600LE looks like.
Unlike the Inno3D card we saw a while ago, this core appears to have the 6600LE
engraved on the surface. This core appears to be a newer A4 revision (as
compared to A2 on the Inno3D card we saw), and this core was made more recent,
during week 26, this year. It would be interesting to see how the newer week performs in overclocking. More on this in the coming pages.

These are the rams found on the card. The memory modules found
on this card are 2.0ns, GDDR3 capable of a 1GHz operating frequency. Made by Samsung, these memory chips can also be found on most other 6600GT in the

The base of the heatsink for the core is machined well but
not mirror finished. The base is still acceptable and the 2 spring loaded
pins attaching the heatsink provides good pressure on the core. This heatsink is
pretty heavy for it’s size mainly due to the copper materials used on it.

It is pretty unusual for such a budget card to come with Dual
DVI output. While this option is usually meant for higher end cards, Galaxy has
added this feature on their 6600LE. There is a S-Video output for connection to
TV displays too.

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