See what our friends at GALAXY – from a not-too-distant galaxy – have brought us! Join us for an exclusive look at the GALAXY GeForce GTX560 Ti White Edition, in all its near-achromatic glory.

Having seen the MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II/OC (review here), we found ourselves wondering how other NVIDIA partners would deliver their GeForce GTX 560 Ti family of products to the enthusiast.
Just as we started pondering, a box zoomed in, knocked us off our feets, and had us seeing stars.
Signs of a shrinking discrete graphics market?
It turns out that GALAXY has just hyperdriven their GALAXY GeForce GTX560 Ti White Edition right into our den. We found no interest in extraterrestrial microbiology, so we started unboxing the GALAXY GeForce GTX560 Ti White Edition right away.
Like a lot of responsible corporations, GALAXY had chosen to house their latest in utilitarian, mostly-recyclable packaging.
The most basic accessories are provided: More than enough to get anyone started on a graphics upgrade!