When Google took the wraps off Android 4.4 KitKat, Galaxy Nexus owners were disappointed that the device wouldn’t be getting the newest version of the OS.


Google cited its 18-month support policy as the reason for not updating the Galaxy Nexus, though the fact that TI, the manufacturer of the OMAP chipset powering the device, won’t be able to update the platform since it’s no longer in the mobile chip business probably played a part in Google’s decision as well.

Either way, it didn’t sit well with anyone, considering we’re talking about a Nexus device and about a version of Android that Google says will run great on devices with as low as 512MB of RAM. Well, one user isn’t sitting idle and has decided to take the initiative to launch a petition over the matter. The petition is addressed to Sundar Pichai, head of Android (and Chrome), and offers reasons such as respectable specs, positive reception and sales, and more as reasons for Google to reconsider the rather evil decision.

Will the petition do any good? Maybe, maybe not, but you should still head over to the source link and show your support if you’re a Galaxy Nexus owner (even if you’re not, you can still sign the petition and support the cause). Maybe Google will have a change of heart, and if not, well, at least everyone tried.

Source: Change.org