Toss all the criticisms about Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone out the window, because when it comes to the number that actually matters Samsung is floating in an ocean of cash as the Galaxy S IV continues to sell like grains during a famine.

It was announced yesterday that Samsung had surpassed the 10 million GS4 units sold globally, and the latest estimate on the company’s operating profit from April to June has the South Korean tech giant raking in a whopping $10.4 billion.

The GS4 broke the 10 million units sold milestone 20 days faster than its predecessor—the GS3, and shattered the GS2’s record by about four months.  Analysts estimate that the GS4 will break the 20 million mark by the end or near late-June. 

While Apple is a crossroad at this point in regards to its smartphone product, Samsung is blowing past people’s expectation.  Thanks to Samsung’s diversified portfolio, they have managed to build a powerful presence in all markets.  From entry-level devices to high-ends, Samsung is making sure the company’s brand is at the center of it all.  Taking into account that Samsung is exploring niche segments like phablets and you can see why Samsung smartphone products are overrunning its competitors. 

There’s more to selling a smartphone than just its design and specs, and Samsung has certainly proven that much.  What’s next for Samsung?  Only time can tell, but at the moment it seems like the only thing that can stop it is itself.

Source: yonhapnews