Did you forget already? Today’s the 26th, the launch date of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Edition phones on the Play Store, limited to the US only (for now). So which one are you picking up?

HTC One vs Galaxy S4 Google Edition

Buying a flagship Smartphone is a lot of work. For one, you have to deeply analyse the hardware and software of the phone you’re thinking of buying. Many a times you have useful software coupled with not-up-to-the-mark hardware, and many a times you get a beautiful device but the software front leaves you wanting for more. Sadly, I don’t have a solution to that (please don’t hit me for doing this). What I can tell you is that the Google Edition of the flagship Galaxy S4 and HTC One Smartphones goes on sale later today.

Galaxy S4 vs HTC One Google Edition Nexus

Love the Galaxy S4 but hate the cartoony TouchWIZ? Or you want the pure Android experience that you’ve fallen in love with, but in a beautifully crafted handset like the HTC One? Well, you can do that from later today when Google officially begins selling their own “Nexus” like edition of both the aforementioned phones via Play Store. Both phones will sell unlocked for $650 for the Galaxy S4 and $599 for the HTC One and will give you the pleasure of diving into a pure Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean experience. Of course, these phones aren’t for those who like the 3rd party UI atop their Android phone, but for Nexus lovers who always wanted the option to buy something beyond the Galaxy Nexus, or the Nexus 4.

So, which new Nexus are you getting?


Buy the Galaxy S4 Google Edition for $649 from the Google Play Store

Buy the HTC One Google Edition for $599 from the Google Play Store


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