Do you remember Apple’s talk on Game Center? The feature which allows iOS users to link up and play games with other iOS users? Well, apparently there is a catch: that iPhone 3G, should you happen to own one, will not be getting any Game Center love from Apple.

The iPhone may be the best smartphone in the world, but even that is not enough to protect it from obsolescence. And leave it to Apple themselves to reinforce the point that the iPhone 3G has already passed its ‘Best By’ date: by dropping the device from the list of compatible handsets for its upcoming Game Center.


According to Apple, Game Center is a new feature which allows iOS users to meet up and play games with other iOS users. The potential for such a feature is great, especially when stuck in a classroom having to listen to a boring lecturer drone on and on about some other mathematics theorem. That is, unless you still plan on carrying that iPhone 3G around. If so, you may want to ensure you have lots of decent games on your handset to keep yourself entertained.

Source: Apple