This Xbox 360 disc is an offering of two halves: The Lost and Damned (TLAD) is an Easy Rider movie-spinoff with rough bikers, while The Ballad Of Gay Tony (TBOGT) involves the nightlife industry in Liberty City.

Choose whether you’re playing TLAD or TBOGT from the start

So, if you have not downloaded either of the DLCs from Xbox Live before, now you can have both on one single disc. The good news is that you do not need to have played ­— or even own — GTA IV to grab this title.

Spin the disc and you are given the option to play as either game separately. Consider each Episode as a distinct spin-off from the main GTA IV game starring Niko Bellic (and not found on this disc). For those totally new to the world of GTA, just understand that both games essentially feature lots of driving — or riding — around, shooting and killing, repeated ad nauseum.

There’s tons of driving all sorts of vehicles all over town — well, Liberty City to be precise — with even a few helicopter and speedboat shootouts to boot. And GTA being GTA, you will not escape the wicked humour, filled with sexy and ribald jokes and of course, coarse language. (Yes, parents, this is a game for mature adults!)

You want guns, fistfights, drug dealing, car stealing and more? You want to race with bikes, speedboats and super cars? Everything you desire is all here in these two Episodes.

The good news: If you love GTA IV, these additional episodes promise more of the same, except even better. But if you hate GTA IV, here’s the bad news: these additional episodes promise more of the same, except even worse.