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Game studio CEO, David Rushton, jailed for unpaid wages

CEO of game developer Sensory Sweep Studio, has just begun a jail sentance for not paying his employees, and will be spending the next year behind bars.

The founder, president  and CEO of Sensory Sweep Studio, a game development studio based in Utah, is now serving a prison sentence of one year for not paying his employees. The Utah Attorney General ordered the sentence for what is estimated at $1.2 million in unpaid wages. Rushton has a history of financial fraud; he was sentenced to six months in prison back in 2010, along with a $516,816 restitution fine for tax fraud and racketeering.

David M. Rushton

More than 100 of the studio's employees are still owed for their labor and one employee, Adam Hunter, told the associated press that Rushton still owed him $12,000. A wage claim manager at the Utah Labor Commission added that they encountered "very few cases where he made payroll." According to Hunter the phrase "Next Friday", as in "you will be paid next Friday" became a running joke at the studio.

Sensory Sweep studios began as a handheld developing studio, but during it's later years, it graduated to home console games as well. They made several titles for Capcom, Disney interactive and EA, among others, and their releases include Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 and Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting. Sensory sweep peaked at 211 employees, but since 2009, ever since the legal dispute began, the studio has been defunct.

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