The Asian version of the well-received Games Convention in Europe is having its first-ever inaugural exhibit opening here in sunny Singapore! VR-zone crashes in and takes you on a tour of the entire exhibition!

Having been a very popular event in germany, the Games Convention has now managed to make an appearance in our part of the world! Supported by governmental agencies. The event provides a meeting point for many people in the industry – the software development companies , hardware vendors , game publishers and yes even the game players themselves! A plethora of latest games – some of which have yet to be released in the market – are available for the game fans and the public to sample.

The opening was headed by Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan.


Singapore is the first asian country to host the Games Convention outside of Europe. Hardware vendors such as Asus, Game publisher giant Electronic Arts , and Sony Corporation are some of the big names that are gracing this event held at suntec city from the 6th to 8th of September at Suntec City’s Convention Centre.