John Wendl, content director from Turn 10 Studio, the developer of Forza 3 flew all the way from U.S for the GCA 2009 event talking about the new Forza 3 game. According to Wendl, Forza 3 has a new user interface, rewind feature for user to try again, improved game audio, interior view of the car and over 100 tracks including new circuits.

What’s a game event without game tournaments? There are a few tournaments going on – Starhub Cup, One Asia Cup and Inter Varsity Polytechnic Challenge. That’s why gamers try to have as much practice as they could during their free time before the actual tournament.

IAH Games, which distributes game titles like Dragonica and Granado Espada, has one of the nicely decorated booths. They also have a small area for FIFA Online 2 whereby you stand to win some prizes playing the games there.

Run Up Game is also at GCA 2009. Run Up Game distributes various games such as Kuso Party, Runes of Magic and Luna Online. You can find out more from their website –

Not far from Run Up Game is New Era’s booth which distributes games including High Street 5, Tropico 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Supreme Ruler 2020.

Gaming ERA claims to be one of the trendiest video game stores in Singapore, located at Plaza Singapura. It carries all major product brands (PlayStation, Nintendo and Microsoft Xbox 360) game accessories, software and hardware.

Local company Playware Studios Asia has a open booth on the right, from the entrance. We saw three gamers playing a maze game on three large displays with wireless controllers.