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GameStop sells out on Xbox One pre-orders, Aaron Greenberg claims demand was ‘through the roof’


GamesStop has reportedly sold out all its current stock of pre-orders for Microsoft’s Xbox One console, which is confirmed by a quick visit on the retailer’s official Xbox One page.

Additionally Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg sent out a Tweet that explains why GameStop’s pre-orders ran out, citing that the demand was “through the roof”–so much that pre-orders for the next-gen console were halted:

In order to notify interested gamers of the pending re-stocking, GameStop has set up yet another First to Know List that will automatically e-mail those who sign up with information regarding the Xbox One’s availability. GameStop orchestrated a similar move when their PS4 pre-orders were depleted, and this trend seems to be carrying across multiple retailers.

Some may be dubious as to the validity of the high demand of the Xbox One console and may see this as a publicity stunt pulled by Microsoft; however both Major Nelson and Greenberg were seen Tweeting out remarks regarding the console’s sizable pre-order marks…although these numbers were compared to pre-orders for the Xbox 360 some years ago.

XB1 controller

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can issue out numbers to back up their claims, and it’s certainly believable that there are many gamers out there who are looking forward to the Xbox One, yet Sony’s PS4 has dominated in many areas of the next-gen war.

These reports of pre-orders outselling their stock certainly falls in line with an analyst’s recent predictions surrounding shortages of both consoles, and Microsoft as well as Sony may have a hard time keeping up with the rigors of each console’s respective launches considering just about everyone in the world wants to get their hands on one.

Microsoft has their “All in One” console slated for a release in November, whereas Sony has kept to their “Holiday 2013” timeframe–but we should hear more about official release dates next month in Gamescom or father ahead at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

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