The Inno3D 7900GTX is based on the 7900GTX flagship GPU from
NVIDIA. It features 512MB of very fast 1.1ns GDDR3 Memory.

3 Gaming Dollars & Sense

For the performance it churns out, it is really reasonably
priced and a good choice for a Premium Gamer’s setup. USD$ 525 (SGD$ 865)
it is!

Instead of using the onboard audio that comes free with the
motherboard, for a truly immersive gaming experience, we picked Creative’s SoundBlaster
X-Fi Fatality FPS.

6 Gaming Dollars & Sense

You can try to see if this gets you fragging as well as Fatal!ty…
but while you’re at it, please cough out USD$ 252 (SGD$ 412)
for this high-end sound/music card.

For ultra fast access time, the Western Digital 10,000 rpm
WD740GD Serial ATA hard drives are a hot favourite among the gamers.

wd raptor 740gd Gaming Dollars & Sense

This 74GB Hard Drive is touted to load games significantly
faster by many gamers and comes at a rather pricey USD$ 185 (SGD$ 305).

For a beefy but not overkill power supply to go along with
the Premium Gamer’s setup, we picked the Silverstone Zeus ST56ZF Power supply.

1 Gaming Dollars & Sense

It provides a very high specification of 38Amps on the single
+12v rail and comes with dual PCIE power connectors, making upgrade to dual
Video card (SLI/Crossfire) solutions an easy convenience. You can check out
our review of the unit here. You can find one going for USD$ 138 (SGD$ 228) in the retail market.