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Gaming Roundup: Defiance MMO Shooter, Dead Space 3 DLC, and Countdown to Prey 2

EA has recently announced that they will be offering eleven different DLC packs for Dead Space 3 on day one, enhancing gameplay in a variety of different ways and generally improving the overall experience for new gamers.

The DLC additions range from raising the frequency of in-game loot with the Scavenger Bot as well as more powerful in-game weaponry and signature armor skins that have their own distinct traits.

These DLC options are separate from Dead Space 3's micro-transactions, which allow gamers to shell out cash for extra in-game crafting resources, but they are involved with the game's expansive crafting system that allows players to build and modify weapons and armor.

Dead Space 3's executive producer Steve Papoutsis had this to say about the DLC's in a blog entry:

"Everybody will find at least one of these bots in the game (and there a couple hidden ones to pick up, too.) The Scavenger Bot is an autonomous robot that can harvest resources for you and deliver them to the Tool Construction bench," Steve began.

"As a replacement for DS2's credits, resources are a key part of the Dead Space 3 experience, and their placement in the game has been well thought out by our game designers. Whether by looting enemies, opening lockers, or exploring the world, you'll find more than enough resources in-game to fully experience DS3 on any difficulty level.

"The scavenger bot's purpose is to give you an extra edge, since there's a bit of gameplay (and risk/reward) to using him and finding the richest resource caches. You can also choose to download upgrades to the scavenger bot that double his capacity or speed up his trips to the bench."

Only one of the eleven DLC packs is free (the First Contact Pack) and the rest range from $0.99 to $4.99, excluding the Dead Space 3 online pass which is $9.99 (800 Microsoft Points). Some of the add-ons are also included in the game's special editions, which has been established as a trend for most new titles.

The additional DLC will definitely offer new players an in-game advantage, however most hardcore fans may feel as if they don't need the extra help and want to tackle it without outside help. The Scavenger Bot does seem quite useful, though, and I can see how that'd be one of the more practical DLC's to choose.

Below you can find a full list of the DLC add-ons available for Dead Space 3 on day one:

  • Bot Capacity Upgrade – $4.99
  • Bot Personality Pack – $4.99
  • First Contact Pack – Free
  • Marauder Pack – $4.99
  • Sharpshooter Pack – $4.99
  • Tundra Recon Pack – $4.99
  • Witness the Truth Pack – $4.99
  • Bot Accelerator – $4.99
  • Epic Weapon & Resource Pack – $2.99
  • Online Pass – $9.99
  • Ultra Weapon & Resource Pack – $1.99
  • Resource Pack – $0.99

Dead Space 3 is scheduled to release on Feb. 5, 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. For more information please visit the game's official website.

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