A new website has been spotted that displays a rather puzzling countdown timer written in a bizarre alien language, which has apparently been linked to Prey 2, the hotly anticipated open-world FPS that was revealed two years ago in March 2011.

At first glance aliennoire.com just displays an unreadable series of cryptic glyphs; however a glance at the site's source code reveals the specific countdown date of March 1, 2013.

The source code also ties the site to Bethesda's Prey series, as the last line of code hints at a return of Domasi "Tommy" Tawodi, the main character from the first game:

Tommy, the protagonist in the original Prey release.

Furthermore, sources also mention that a cryptic address is mentioned within the site's source code that points to the location of a Cherokee capital in 1838. This ties in with Tommy's heritage as he was a Cherokee Indian, adding more claim to the site being for Prey 2.

Whether or not the site is counting down to the release of Prey 2 is still to be determined, but it would be interesting to see the game finally get a release next month as it was believed to be in development stasis for quite some time.

One thing is certain, though: something is coming on Mar. 1, 2013, and hopefully it's the long-awaited sequel to Human Head's open-world FPS.

Via OnlySP