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Garena launches League of Legends Dominion in Singapore and Malaysia

Game publisher Garena has launched Dominion, a new game mode for the popular multiplayer game, League of Legends, in Singapore and Malaysia. The refreshing game mode will be released together with limited-edition boxed sets containing various character boosts and other goodies. 

Asian online game publisher Garena has launched a new game mode “Dominion” for their multiplayer game League of Legends for Singaporean and Malaysian players. The player versus player (PvP) mode takes place on the “Crystal Scar” map in which five strategic nodes in a circular formation must be taken over by two opposing teams. The objective is to secure as many of these nodes than the opponent. When this is achieved, it will reduce the opponent’s base points over time. If the base point of any team reduces to zero, from a start of 500, they will lose the game. Opposing teams can attack and take away these nodes to turn the tides of war.

To celebrate the launch, Garena will also promote a special boxed game set for fans and collectors. Only 3000 sets are available in selected stores (including Comic Connections branches) across Singapore and Malaysia, and it costs S$4.90. It comes with a comprehensive Dominion handbook and a bundle of premium in-game items worth over S$20, such as the Champion Ranmus the Armordillo, a 10-win experience boost, a four-win Influence points boost, and 100 Riot point boost. Players can get their hands on these goodies from 16 December.

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