Elegance in Simplicity

Clean lines embrace the overall design of the G60. The design is simple, and yet in its simplicity, elegance can be seen. Rectangular in shape, the G60 feels right in almost any of the four side orientation. The top and bottom of the screen (when viewed vertically) is arched to break the boredom of straight lines presented with the sides.

IMG 2026 Garmin ASUS nuvifone G60 Review

The G60 is cased in a matt finishing plastic that feels solid and sturdy. Adding a little gloss to the overall product is the polished plastic side triming. The top-side and bottom-side is cased with black gloss plastic.

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Housing a 3.55-inch anti-glare resistive LCD screen, the screen effectively takes up most of the available estate, leaving only a small frame to the left and right (when held vertically), and enough space for the speaker and mic at the top and bottom respectively.

Both sides, other than being trimmed in polished plastic, also houses the USB connection port – syncing and charging – along with the car cradle contact point, MicroSD card slot, volume control and camera button.

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The car cradle contact point is essentially another USB connection port, as the cradle is yet again connected with a USB cable with the other end as a car cigarette plug.

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The camera button is slightly ridged toward the center, which gives a good feel and touch response. The camera also offers auto-focus, whereby you will need to half-press for the focus to activate before fully depressing to take the shot.

The volume control also has arrow shape embossed for better feel, as opposed to being flush and smooth.

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The top-side of the phone is where one can find the on/off button and earphone/headset port. It is interesting to note that G60’s earphone/headset port is a 2.5mm headphone jack and not the standard 3.5mm ones which means you would need an adapter to use your earphones/headphones.

The bottom-side is bare without any connection ports or buttons.

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The sim card slot requires you to slot the sim card (metal contact point facing up) flat against the base inwards. The overall space allowance is limited, which means people with large and clumsy hands would have to train to be nimble. A word of advice: make sure that the sides of your sim card is perfectly even; any jagged edges would risk your sim card getting stucked inside. (It just so happened to yours truly here).

Cradled Baby

Being a mobile phone headlined as also a GPS device, it comes as no surprise that a car cradle is bundled free with it. The G60 lays comfortably horizontally in the cradle giving you a natural view that we have come accustomed to.

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Overall Package

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