M10 and its family

The complete set of Garmin-ASUS M10 includes the vehicle power cable and suction cup mount separately in another box, onto of the main boxset which holds the M10 phone and basic accessories.

Opening the main box, we are greeted by the M10 sitting snuggly in the depression. All the basic accessories are contained just below the phone.

In the supplement box, we have the vehicle power cable as well as the suction mount. For those without the need of these items can keep them sealed in the box and put away for storage.

And lets welcome the star, M10

The M10 is being introduced to the market with two color, black and white. And the model that dropped into our lab is the white one. The front-face of the phone allocated most of the estate to the 3.5 inch WVGA screen, with two other sections, each for the ear-speaker and touch-sensor buttons respectively. The bottom most of the phone is covered in pure white plastic with a metal piece with the word nuvifone embossed, much like the buckle-clip of modern purses.

The back-face of the phone is a battery cover that on initial look gives no clue as to how to remove the cover. Toward the top of the phone is where the 5.0 megapixel camera and back-speaker is located. The stylus is tucked neatly on the bottom left, hiding from view.

The bottom of the phone is fairly simple without any connection jacks other than the microphone hole and a notch to tie the wristband or neckband as is common nowadays.

The right of the phone houses the volume button as well as the hiding place for the stylus.

The top of the phone is where the power button and headphone jack (3.5 mm) is located.

The left side contains the more important connection jacks, the charging port. Normal charging utilizes the upper jack, but when in vehicle mode, using the suction mount, the center jack is used.

After removing the battery cover, we then see the battery and underneath it houses the SIM card compartment as well as microSD card compartment. As usual, the microSD card is not hot-swappable, one would be required to power off the mobile phone and remove the battery to change the card.

As the current market trend is changing everyone to become a fruit eater, and when we talk about touchscreen, one would naturally think of using the finger to navigate the phone, the M10 has decided that it has no need to follow market trends in this department. Included in this phone is the stylus, which is getting a little style-less to be seen with one.

It is very important to note that the M10 uses Resistive touch as compared to our fruity friend, Capacitive touch. As such, for the most accurate touch response, a stylus is very much needed. Therefore, it is advised not to compare this orange to the apple.


Be it the black or white version, the M10 is clearly a winner in terms of aesthetics, with everything presented orderly and as sleek as one can be. The softkeys lives truly to its name, being touch-sensitive and all.

Compared to the older sibling M20, M10 stands in its own class of elegance.

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