More details on upcoming GDDR5X memory standard has surfaced online, courtesy of a few leaked presentation slides.

According to the leaked slides, GDDR5X will deliver twice the prefetch rate achieved by GDDR5. The newer standard will deliver 64B data per memory access, compared to 32B data per memory access with GDDR5. The higher 16n prefetch rate allows GDDR5X to achieve higher I/O data rates up to 10-12 GBbps initially, and up to 16 Gbps in the long term.

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GDDR5X will feature the same interface signal pin count as GDDR5, making it an easy upgrade. It will also boast of lower VDD and VDDQ for reduced power consumption.

We already told you that some NVIDIA Pascal GPUs could utilize GDDR5X memory, and now the more recent report suggests AMD could also be looking at using GDDR5X memory on some of its next-gen GPUs.