Gearbox announced yesterday that it is working on a series of Vault Hunter collectible statues based on the Borderlands 2 game. The new DLC that will announced back in July will be releasing in October.

ZerO 1

At its PAX Prime panel yesterday, Gearbox unveiled a series of Vault Hunter statues. The first statue that will be released is Zer0, which Gearbox showed off at the event. The Borderlands 2 game already has a toy line which is available at retailers like Toys R Us.

Also announced is the release date for the new DLC. Called the T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest Headhunter Pack, the DLC sees the return of T.K. Baha, and comes with a new set of missions along with a battle featuring Jacques O’Lantern. This DLC will not be included in the season pass, and is slated to be released in October. Gearbox mentioned that it would be hosting its Community Day this year on September 14, at which users get a chance to pit their gaming skills against the Gearbox software team.

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