The nice thing about robotics is that the technology is applicable in janitorial services, but not all robo-janitors have to be humanoid in form.


One of the latest robo cleaning contraptions is proving that we’re only scratching the surface of what is possible when it comes to designing and building things that can clean our messes.  Korean designer Juan Lee has drawn up a gel-covered robo-ball concept that turns the term “critters” into something more positive.

When a cleaning service is desired, the robo-balls are deployed from HQ (a fancy dustpan), and because they’re covered in a gel-like substance they can pick up dirt and dust on a dirty floor.  Once the job is done, the balls return to HQ and shed off all the wastes they collected and recharge in anticipation of the next job.  By the way, it appears that (from the conceptual drawings) the balls are small enough that just about any nooks and crannies can be cleaned, eliminating the need to move around heavy furniture.

What would make this idea even cooler is if it becomes reality.  Given that most of us are too busy to clean our own messes, a bunch of beneficial critters rolling around is a lot better than the other type that eats our leftovers and then leave behind little black pellets just to rub it in.

Source: electroluxdesignlab