GTA V trailer Get ready for the heist in Rockstars newly released Grand Theft Auto V trailer


Are you back in the game?

Rockstar’s newly released trailer for Grand Theft Auto V delivers an authentic cinematic experience that has all of the fitting elements of a feature length film. Viewers are treated to various scenes that set the tone for the game’s expansive story arc, including a retired professional criminal who’s convinced by his best friend to take part in one last score.

The cinematic sequences are composed of various interpersonal dialogues that not only reveal general plotlines but also deliver key insight on the characters themselves–not to mention Trevor’s crazed and unhinged ferocity–while also featuring action-oriented scenes along the way.

Franklin car chase Get ready for the heist in Rockstars newly released Grand Theft Auto V trailer

Franklin eludes police on a high-speed chase across Los Santos in an incredibly detailed Italian sportscar.

We see everything from Trevor and his bespectacled braniac goad Michael into joining the crew once again for the big score to Franklin making various getaways from police in Italian sportscars and motorcycles–and of course an explosive finisher where one of our anti-heroes wears a heavily armored juggernaut suit, dishing out explosive mayhem with a mini-gun.

Aside from the action, the footage highlights snippets and pieces of the various heists and capers that the crew has planned–all of which Michael seems to play the central role as the leader–some of which seem to be right as rain and others…well, just picture explosions and gunfire–the usual staples of a GTA mission gone awry.

The footage has gamers across the world eagerly answering “yes” to the age old question–are you back in the game?

Grand Theft Auto V is slated for release on Sept. 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more information please visit the game’s official website.