iOS 7 ushered in a massive re-design and cheerily implemented new UI to Apple’s popular mobile operating system. What Android fans didn’t anticipate is that many of them will fall in love with the new UI, so here’s a simple way to get it, on your Android Smartphone.


Seen iOS 7 in action? Fancy the new UI? Own an Android phone? Well what are you waiting for! jbOS7, a customized theme for Android running Smartphones, lets users enjoy the look and feel of Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system on their Android device, right away.

While the developers has shown off their implementation using Nova Launcher, just about any versatile Home Launcher app for Android should work. The refreshed look extends to the lock screen as well, the necessary files for which can be found in the Dropbox folder link posted below.


Go ahead, give it a try and tell us if you liked it!

Dropbox folder | Source: My Color Screen | via Redmond Pie