headers Gigabyte GA 965P DQ6

System integrators won’t need to refer to the manual for those teeny headers when hooking up indicators/switches. Colour coded for your convenience!

atxpower Gigabyte GA 965P DQ6

24 pin ATX power input with additional Molex for extra power. Thankfully Gigabyte did not cramp the extra power connector in the PCIe slot area!

eps Gigabyte GA 965P DQ6

EPS power is accepted so you can maximise those giant power supplies you broke the bank to buy.

iopanel Gigabyte GA 965P DQ6

You get everything from audio to USB, LAN to Legacy here. No doubt there is more onboard!

sysfan Gigabyte GA 965P DQ6

Other than the CPU fan header being PWM controlled, even one of the “System Fan” connectors sports a PWM pin! Now you can build a HTPC with those barely rotating fans.

alc Gigabyte GA 965P DQ6

Audio is handled by the Realtek ALC888 with “SkyTel” Skype function.

hdheader Gigabyte GA 965P DQ6

The HD Audio is supplied here. Note that even the audio output coupling capacitors are low ESR, organic electrolyte ones.

 Gigabyte GA 965P DQ6

Here’s a new header we spotted beside the PCIe X4 slot. Looks like your HDMI audio gets routed into the graphics accelerator from here.

1394headers Gigabyte GA 965P DQ6

2 headers for IEE1394 Firewire.

texas1394 Gigabyte GA 965P DQ6

The Texas Instruments IEEE1394 controller that gives you your 3 Firewire ports.

usbheaders Gigabyte GA 965P DQ6

6 USB ports on the headers. Add another 4 on the I/O panel for a total of 10 USB2.0/1.1 compliant USB ports.