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GIGABYTE GA-G1975X + Presler Overclocking Test

Well, I wanted to see how well this board lives up to it’s
claim of satisfying extreme overclockers. So I put it to the test with my Intel
Pentium Extreme Edition 955XE Prseler and my good old Home-made Cascade cooler.


With 1.75v CPU core voltage selected in the BIOS, which is
the maximum this board can provide, this is how far we manged to push it:

6367MHz with a Quad threaded CPU, with 2MB of L2 Cache is simply
fantastic. Unfortunately, this is far from a stable speed. In reality, the CPU
core voltage supplied is much lower than 1.75v, expecially under load. Idle
conditions, it hovers around 1.67v to 1.69v. Under load, it droops to around
1.5+v. This is a little disappointing. I would say that would it comes to overclocking
a Presler CPU, power regulation is of the utmost importance. The GA-G1975X has
room for improvement in this area… I was surprised to see a small Intersil
voltage regulator usually found on Video Cards just beside the socket regulating
voltage for the CPU. The undervolting and voltage drooping is of no surprise
due to this.

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