With Hyper-threading on, a bit over 5.6GHz can be stable in
3D Mark 06 CPU tests, over 3000 points.

With Hyperthreading off, it can go higher but the score drops,
only about 2750 at the same speed. That is about 750MHz difference from a screenshot
stable speed and a 3D Mark 06 stable speed… a huge gap.

When both cores are loaded with 5.6GHz and around 1.6v, the
heat produced is like nothing I’ve encountered. My Home-made Cascade Cooler
is overwhelmed for the first time, from -93C, it drops all the way to -73C and
may keep dropping if the tests continue longer. Apparently, it is over the heat
load capacity I’ve tuned my cooler for. Even the 65nm process has not brought
down the heat load that much.. the Preslers are hot CPUs!

The board does pretty well in the FSB department. I pushed
the FSB all the way to 403MHz without a problem. This is great and I’m very
satisfied with the board’s overclocking ability when it comes to maximizing
the Front Side Bus.

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