Owing to the increased current demands placed on the VRM when overclocking, it is useful to adjust the Over Current Protection (OCP) trip point in order for the VRM to accept the sustained increase in load conditions. 

Credits for the OCP Modification goes to hicookie, GIGABYTE’s in-house overclocking expert, who had authored the modification here. The OCP modification is re-illustrated here for the purpose of improved clarity.

OCP Modification

The next modification to perform involves putting a 5kOHM potentiometer in parallel to the load line regulation resistor. This is the Load Line Regulation Modification.

Load Line Regulation Modification

Do remember to adjust the wiper of the potentiometer to its full specified value prior to soldering it onto your GA-H55N-USB3. The photographic schematic is shown below:

Decreasing the value of the effective value of the potentiometer will reduce the amount of droop exhibited on the VRM output. It is necessary to use a multi-turn potentiometer for this modification to improve the granularity of your adjustments. 

A fine pointed soldering tip is recommended. For the purpose of this article, a Metcal SSC-622 type tip cartridge was used. The usual rules apply: keep the leads of the potentiometer and resistor as short as possible. Be generous with solder flux, and then with flux remover.
As usual, perform the modifications at your own risk. VR-Zone.com shall not be responsible for any damage that arises from this tried, tested, and verified modification.

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