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Gigabyte GA-N650SLI-DS4 650i SLI Review

We start exploring the motherboard from the bottom right. Front panel
connectors at the extreme corner below the CMOS battery.

2-by-2 SATA Connectors beside the Southbridge chipset covered over by a
copper heatsink.

Above, you see that the very first slot is a PCIE 1x slot, and then the PCIE
x16/x8 slot for the primary Graphics Card. Quickly followed by another PCIE 1x
slot, then PCI slot, and then PCIE x8 slot for the secondary Graphics Card when
you run SLI. Then a pair of PCI slots below. At the final bottom section, you
find the Floppy connector, if one is still using a Floppy Drive, and a Molex
power connector for increasing the current provided to the slots, not necessary,
but if one uses up a fair chunk of the expansion slots, then a Molex power input
here would be reassuring. 

You should have noticed the PCIE Lane Converter card you see above. Flipping
it around configures the Graphics PCIE Lanes between x16 Single-Card config and
x8-x8 SLI Dual-Card config. So if you’re running dual GPUs for SLI, just flip
the card around.


iTE’s IT8718F provides commonly used legacy Super I/O
functionality plus the latest Environment Control initiatives, such as H/W
Monitor, Fan Speed Controller for this motherboard.


4 DIMM slots for your DDR2 Memory, yellow+yellow or red+red for Dual-Channel.
Beside these slots lie the 2 IDE Connectors, and the 24-pin ATX power connector
for your Power Supply.

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