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Gigabyte GA-N650SLI-DS4 650i SLI Review

It was a pleasant surprise to find such an elaborate cooling employed by
Gigabyte on a mid-range motherboard. Fully copper and featuring tall
over-hanging rows of fins totaling 30 rows altogether, this is the best cooler
with the highest amount of surface area I’ve seen employed on a 650i SLI
motherboard. And the story doesn’t end here:

Right behind the C55 chipset lies a copper heatsink to take the cooling
factor another length of distance away from the competition. In comparison,
you’ll find that the coolers on other 650i SLI motherboards pale:

For those worried about third party Cooler for CPU due to chipset cooler, here’s how high the cooler stand from PCB, 3.2CM:

High score in the cooling department for this board for sure. The cooling on
the Southbridge is much less elaborate, but quite sufficient for the low-heat
producing NF430 chipset.


The 4/8pin +12v power connector lies beside the Northbridge. I was happy to
see what I saw on the CPU socket area as well:

Not only is it the only 650i SLI motherboard to spot a CPU socket packed full
of SMD capacitors, it is the only 650i SLI motherboard with 6-phase power for
the CPU
, with 2 MOSFETs splitting load per phase. The ASUS 650i SLI is 3-phase
while the Abit 650i SLI is 4-phase by comparison. Good investment in features
that make a difference in my book.

Gigabyte’s favorite Voltage Regulator for CPU Intersil makes the ISL6327

Rear I/O: PS/2 ports, S/PDIF Out connection (coaxial+optical), parallel and
serial ports, 4 USB 2.0/1.1 ports, a IEEE 1394a port, Ethernet port, and 6 audio


Full bundle you get the manual, Driver CD, I/O shield, an IDE and Floppy
Cable, 4 SATA cables and an SLI connector.

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