The Accessories

  • 8 x SATA cables
  • 4 x twin SATA power connectors
  • 1 x IDE cable and 1x Floppy Cable
  • SLI bridge
  • Manuals, Assembly Guide, RAID Manual and Case Badge
  • SLI Bridge
  • Driver CD
  • 2 x two USB port Bracket
  • 1 x two USB port & two firewire port bracket

The wireless PCI dongle, with manual and Driver CD

The DPS to enable 6 phase power

A look at the board itself

The power connector, with the plug protector to prevent users who want to use
20pin ATX power supplies from damaging the board.

The 4 pin 12V connector. Both power connectors are placed strategically for
optimal cable management.

The socket. Gigabyte chooses to use a propietary A64 bracket, replacing screws
holding the bracket down with plastic studs. Users who are interested to use
third party heatsinks from manufacturers like Thermalright and Scythe must obtain
a third party A64 back plate as well, or they will not be able to mount their
heatsinks onto the board.

The 4 SATA-II connectors onboard, right beside the shiny chipset cooler.

The Texas Instruments IEE1394B chip amd the Silicon Image SATA Controller.

The floppy and IDE connectors.

Users who are looking at purchasing third party chipset coolers and long graphics
card like the 6800GTs might be unable to do so, as the chipset cooler might
prevent users from slotting in the card properly. Gigabyte’s low profile cooling
solution here isn’t exactly efficient here, as the chipset does get abit too
hot for my liking after an hour of operation or so.

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