More information is available from the Hotkey OC and Cloud OC microsites on the official GIGABYTE website: and

HotKey OC and Cloud OC can be downloaded from the website:

1. GIGABYTE Hotkey OC is available in the new EasyTune 6 utility:
2. GIGABYTE Cloud OC: 


Official GIGABYTE Videos are available on the Mobo TV youtube channel or one of the following links:

1. Hotkey OC:
2. Cloud OC: 


GIGABYTE Motherboard Tech Column facebook photo albums:

1. Hotkey OC:!/album.php?aid=192439&id=209090107119
2. Cloud OC:!/album.php?aid=192438&id=209090107119 


Videos from independent media:

1. Gigabyte’s Overclocking App Cloud OC Uses Netbooks to Tweak Performance:
2. Overclocking-TV Computex 2010 – GIGABYTE Cloud OC:
3. HKEPC GIGABYTE Cloud OC and Hotkey OC:
4. Overclocking-TV Computex 2010 – GIGABYTE OC HotKey: