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Gigabyte Motherboards & Graphics Cards @ CeBIT

GIGABYTE UNITED INC., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics
cards, is yet again changing the face of silent graphics card solutions with the
release of the innovative silent cooling solution – Multi-Core™ Technology.
Combining four GIGABYTE Silent-Pipe™ series proprietary thermal designs,
GIGABYTE’s Multi-Core™ technology delivers the latest innovations in passive
cooling technologies to provide the ultimate in graphics performance.

Based on extensive lab testing and previous graphics card development, the
GIGABYTE VGA engineering group has designed a revolutionary new VGA card cooling
technology which utilizes natural convection inside the chassis to disperse
heat. GIGABYTE’s Multi-Core™ Technology utilizes a series of ultra-thin layered
fins with nodes of copper to add more cooling points on the heat pipes.
Increasing the heat conduction ratio and enhancing overall thermal performance,
GIGABYTE’s Multi-Core™ Technology delivers outstanding thermal performance with
no fan noise.

GIGABYTE is also excited to showcase at this year’s CeBIT their latest Gamer
HUD™ (Heads Up Display) software utility, designed to allow hardcore gaming
enthusiasts to tweak the highest levels of performance from their VGA card.
GIGABYTE’s Gamer HUD™ utility features Voltage Gear Overdrive, the world’s first
software solution that allows voltage adjusting purely though software control.
With multi-level GPU voltage control settings, users are able to squeeze the
highest amount of performance from their cards. GIGABYTE’s Gamer HUD™ utility
also supports adjusting of GPU clock, shader and memory settings, for maximum
overclocking performance.

In addition, GIGABYTE’s Gamer HUD™ provides advanced power savings through its
auto-optimized 2D/3D GPU frequency switching feature. When enabling 2D
applications such as email, web browsing and media playback, the GPU frequency
is lowered to 2D mode allowing the graphics card to save power consumption. For
more graphics intensive applications such as gaming and 3D rendering, the 3D
switch is activated, raising the GPU frequency to allow for the greatest level
of performance. GIGABYTE’s 2D/3D switch can be set on Auto-Optimized Mode
(Enable) or Customizable Mode (Disable), according to users’ preference.

GIGABYTE VGA cards are designed with the industry’s most leading-edge features
including high quality, highly efficient components. Equipped with GIGABYTE’s
Ultra Durable 2 Technology which utilizes Ferrite Core Chokes, Low RDS (on)
MOSFETs and Lower ESR Solid Capacitors, GIGABYTE VGA cards provide the stability
and reliability hardcore gamers have come to expect from their high-end graphics
solution. Also featuring a state-of-the-art power design and layout, GIGABYTE
Ultra Durable 2 Edition graphics cards deliver the ideal integration of thermal,
electric characteristics, digital signals, power circuitry and optimum placement
for enhanced graphics performance, improving the stability of the electric
voltage and current, for the ultimate in graphics overclocking capabilities.

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