The local wing of the Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship (GOOC) 2010 has drawn to a close over the last weekend. Here is the behind-the-scene story of GOOC 2010 Singapore overall winner, spyboy48.

In the early part of this post-Millenium decade, Shamino put Singapore on the world map with his record-setting overclocks. Since then, few have managed to attain his level of  fervour in this sunny republic. No doubt, the subzero culture here is indeed a little thin on the ground, but when duty calls, there still exists a small team of overclockers who’d bravely advance the limits of PC hardware benchmarking with diligence, skill, and some ingenuity.
Your truly was lucky to be present when VR-Zone forummer “spyboy48” was overclocking for the top spot in Singapore’s own Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship (GOOC) 2010 organised by local Gigabyte distributor CDL Trading. Assistants include overclocking oldhands MacClipper & Shrek. Making the event possible was CDL Trading’s Derrick.
The Preparation
The “Pot”
Overclocking can be messy business whether you know your thing, or not. For the lucky folks this time around, Derrick gave up his little corner in CDL Trading’s office for the purpose of overclocking.