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Give your Jailbroken iOS device a makeover with iMIUI

Jailbroken iOS device owners, here's a treat for you. How would you like to add some of the cool MIUI feel to your precious iPhone?

MIUI is a custom ROM built for Android by the Xiaomi team and is one of the most beautiful skins on Android. While many Android phones have received unofficial ports of the ROM for their respective phones (XDA Developers), there never was a port for iOS devices, well at least up until now.

iMIUI is a massive port of Xiaomi's MIUI Android ROM to iOS, wrapped nicely in the form of a theme named Winterboard. This theme has really gone out of it's way in it's work with icons for every stock app as well as a number of third party ones. Lock screen, dialer and status bar are all treated to a visual makeover. Crips icons, subtle shades of orange (true to the MIUI theme) and the numerous other UI tweaks add to a rather nice looking UI as reported by iDownloadblog.

A tutorial on installing the theme can be found at the source website. Note that your iOS device has to be Jailbroken to be able to run this theme (via Cydia).

Source: iDownloadBlog

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