Apple iPad 2

The Apple iPad 2 does not come with 3D display technology, but from the folks at Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research, it is possible to achieve glass-free 3D effect on the tablet device. Read on for the details.

Thanks to the Avatar 3D blockbuster movie, 3D is going on TVs, PCs and even smartphones. But the need to use 3D glasses can be hassle for many, which is why some manufacturers are going the glass-less 3D route. 

Well, the folks at Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research in France has managed to develop a way to bring glass-free 3D on the Apple iPad 2, which could also mean that glass-less 3D is possible on other tablets and smartphones too.

The methodology involves the tracking of the head of the user with the device's front facing camera and perhaps also the gyroscope feature. It does not use the acelerometers though. Check out the video and see for yourself.