Android might be getting another performance boost in the near future, thanks to Google’s acquisition of FlexyCore, a startup known for releasing DroidBooster.


The DroidBooster app, which is no longer available, helped in improving Java code execution on Android while taking less CPU cycles. While the acquisition – which is supposedly worth $23 million – was only finalized this month, Google has been working with the FlexyCore team since a year, in order to “help optimize the performance of (Android) on mobile devices.”

Since the introduction of hardware acceleration in Android 4.0, and subsequently Project Butter in Android 4.1, the OS has come a long way when it comes to performance and interface fluidity. With an improvement in execution of Java code, we should see a noticeable increase in performance across the board, which will hopefully reduce lag, especially on low-end and mid-range devices.

Here’s hoping Android 4.4 KitKat will bear some fruit of this acquisition. Project Butter 2, anyone?