Ice Cream Sandwich

Android users rejoice. If recent news are true, it may not be long that we would see the release of the upcoming and highly anticipated Android operating system (codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich). And that could day would be in October this year.

After a long wait, we finally heard some news about Google's upcoming Android OS, under the codename "Ice Cream Sandwich". BGR has reported that they have gotten information from their source about Google's Ice Cream Sandwich plans, and that Ice Cream Sandwich devices would appear in the market as early as October.Currently, many Android device manufacturers are preparing for the October timeline to launch the devices with the new OS, especially when Apple iPhone 5 is also said to be launched around the same time. Whether iPhone 5 will remain undefeated would depend on the experience Android Ice Cream Sandwich brings to the users.

Some of the improvements about the Android Ice Cream Sandwich is that it will work across all Google devices, including tablets and smartphones, API level promoted to 13, supports SD memory cards and improved compatibility for USB and TV output.