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Google Android is number two; just behind iPhone

Google Android

According to AdMob’s report, Android smartphone operating system has increased its share from 2% to 24%, making it number two to iPhone OS (which gained from 33% to 50%) in February this year.

AdMob has released the report for February 2010 which reveals some surprising data and analysis. In this report AdMob has separated the traffic in our network into three categories – smartphones, feature phones, and mobile Internet devices.

In February 2010, smartphones accounted for 48% of AdMob’s worldwide traffic, up from 35% in February 2009. The strong growth of iPhone and Android traffic, fueled by heavy application usage, was primarily responsible for the increase. In absolute terms, smartphone traffic increased 193% over the last year.

Feature phones seem to be becoming the black and white television sets. Feature phones declined from 58% to 35% of AdMob’s total traffic as users began switching to smartphones. Although the share of traffic from feature phones as a category declined, in absolute terms traffic grew 31% year-over-year.

In February 2010, the leading smartphone operating systems in the AdMob network were the iPhone OS, Android, and Symbian. Over the last year, the iPhone increased its
share of smartphone requests from 33% to 50% while Symbian’s share of requests fell from 43% to 18%.

Android was the fastest growing operating system in the AdMob network year-over-year. Android’s share of smartphone requests increased from 2% in February 2009 to 24% in February 2010. The top five Android devices worldwide, by traffic, were the Motorola Droid, HTC Dream, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, and the Motorola CLIQ.

Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and LG were the top manufacturers of feature phones. Top feature phones from each manufacturer were the Samsung SCH R350, Nokia 3110c, Sony Ericsson W200i, Motorola RAZR V3, and LG CU920.

Source: Katonda

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