Rumors of a Google powered Galaxy S4 have finally been put to rest as Google has officially announced the Galaxy S4 running stock Android. The handset will be available exclusively via Play Store for $649 beginning June 26.

So what if Samsung didn't make it as the official partner to make Google's highly regarded Nexus smartphone this year (or the last), that didn't spot the Korean firm from bagging a deal that's equally as good.

Google has officially announced their own version of the Galaxy S4. While the phone hardware will be identical to the Snapdragon 600-based Galaxy S4 smartphone, the icing on the cake will be of a different flavor.

The Galaxy S4 Google Edition will offer a pure Nexus experience, much like the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus smartphones (rid of Samsung's TouchWIZ and the tons of features/bloatware). Also onboard is 16 GB of internal storage, LTE support and an unlocked bootloader which will surely be every developer's delight! We have good reason to believe that the Google Galaxy S4 will offer higher amount of user-accessible internal storage (thanks to the pure Android OS without added customization or bloat of any sorts).

Google will be selling the Galaxy S4 exclusively via Play Store for an off contract price of $649 starting June 26. While we were really hoping for a subsidized price, we really aren't  surprised as this isn't a Nexus phone after all. 

Image Courtesy: PhoneArena