The latest developer build of Chrome can be configured to work on Windows 8’s Start Screen, and comes with a lot of features that were seen on Chrome OS.

Chrome 1

Google intends to add more and more of Chrome OS’s features into the Windows 8 version of Chrome. The developer build for Windows 8, which can now be configured to work in Metro mode instead of the desktop, already has the same design as Chrome OS and includes features like an app launcher, a Google app menu bar and the ability to launch multiple windows-within-windows.

Windows 8 lets browsers run in a Metro style environment if users select that as the default. However, this functionality cannot be extended to Windows RT. The developer build is still in its infancy, and as such has a lot of bugs and crashes, but Google’s intention is clear. By including more of its features and services within Windows gives the search engine giant the chance to nurture its own app ecosystem, which has gotten a boost thanks to the Chrome Apps initiative which lets apps function outside the environs of the browser.

Source: Chrome Dev Channel