Google has won against Apple in a bid for purchasing Wavii, a aggregation technology and natural language processing startup.

Apple and Google have both been competing to purchase Wavii, a startup which developed it's own aggregation technology and natural summarization algorithms. The technology can be used to summarize information given in pieces of text and pick out the important points to quickly inform the user. Apple wanted the technology to develop Siri further, but the 25 person team, including it's founder Adrian Aouan, will now be moving to Seattle to join Google's Knowledge graph division. The purchase comes only a short time after Yahoo purchased a similar aggregation technology called Summly.


Wavii could potentiall find is way into several different Google services, and even into Glass. Among the likeliest implementation is that Wavii will be weaved into Google Now, a new service which according to Google “gets you just the right information at just the right time.“ Another possible use for Wavii is in Google Knowledge, where it could help further contextualize the information shown in Google's search sidebar.