The tip calculator is a tool that you can find in the mobile versions of Google search for Android and iOS to calculate the tip and the amount of money each consumer has to pay from the total bill.


Having trouble dividing the bill when going out for dinner with your friends? Google developed the Tip Calculator so you can solve it very easily.

All you have to do is to write or use the voice command “what is the tip for $__” on the Google Search bar in the web version for Android and iOS and it will redirect you to the tool where you can add the bill amount, change the percentage, and set the number of people involved in the consumption as the next image shows:


This is one of the useful tools that you always think should exist when facing the problem, next to that you use your smartphone’s calculator app to solve it, well that’s my case. Furthermore you can use the opportunity to impress your friends with this new function and become the savior of the day.

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