A new Google Nexus tablet could be undergoing testing with the codename “flounder”.


There have been many rumors about a new Nexus tablet being in the works, with recent murmurs suggesting it could be manufactured by HTC and sport a 64-bit Intel processor. Now, an unreleased Google device codenamed “flounder” has appeared in a bug tracker for Google’s Chromium program, suggesting that the search giant might have begun testing its next Nexus tablet.

Google has always used fish names as codenames for its Nexus products – mantaray for Nexus 10, mako for the Nexus 4, hammerhead for the Nexus 5, and so on. Flounder is new and isn’t associated with any Nexus device yet, and while this doesn’t officially confirm anything, it’s an indication that some new Google device is close to being made official, likely at the Google I/O developer conference later this month.

Rumors have suggested that the next Nexus tablet could be an 8-inch model, though there is little evidence to support all the speculation. However, as has been the case with existing Nexus devices, the fourth Nexus tablet should offer the same mix of high-end specs and a low price, unless Google decides to launch its rumored “Android Silver” program earlier than planned.


Source: Chromium Bug Tracker